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Graduate Admissions

Petroleum Engineering Department Graduate Admissions — Master's Program

Besides achieving an undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineering, bachelor degree holders in other engineering disciplines such as chemical, mechanical, civil, industrial, electrical, etc. are recommended to apply. While we invite all interested applicants to apply, the most competitive applicant has academic preparation as an engineer. Our program admission is very competitive.

If you have a bachelor’s degree outside of the field of engineering, we recommend you consider  a 2nd bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering. The academic background necessary from the math, science and engineering academics of the undergraduate prepared engineer are essential to success in the graduate program. The master’s program curriculum assumes high competency in those areas

Admissions Information

Admission Dates

Students may be admitted to the Master's program to start in the Fall or Spring semester. Students are admitted to the Ph.D. program in the Fall semester only.  Please note the following deadlines:

Semester to start    Status                                        Deadline to submit application and all required forms
Fall — Ph.D. Domestic and International March 15
Fall — Master's Domestic and International March 15
Spring — Master's Domestic and International October 1st


Petroleum Engineering Department Graduate Admissions — Ph.D. Program

Admission to the University of Houston Ph.D. Program in Petroleum Engineering will require the following:

  • GRE — An acceptable score within the Cullen College of Engineering standard on the Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical portions of the Graduate Record Examination. 
  • LETTERS — Three letters of recommendation from recognized professionals who can attest to the applicant’s capability for independent and creative thinking for the graduate level research in petroleum engineering.
  • STATEMENT — A written statement of the applicant’s professional goals.
  • APPROVAL — Approval by the Petroleum Engineering Graduate Committee.
  • In addition, students required to submit a valid TOEFL/IELTS score, must achieve the minimum Cullen College of Engineering requirement.