Huai D. Wang
Huai D. Wang
Instructional Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Laboratory Director
Email: HWANG667 [at] GMAIL.COM


Ph.D., Petroleum Geology,University of Oklahoma, 1993
M.S., Petroleum Geology, University of Oklahoma, 1987
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Petroleum University, P.R. China, 1982


Lab Director for Petroleum Engineering

Selected Professional Activities/Honors: 

American Association of Professional Geologists

Research Interests: 

Under Construction

Selected Publications: 

Wang, H. D. (1991) Kinetic model of oil generation: A field test using the Woodford shale in the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma. Mobil Dallas Research Laboratory Memorandum, LM 910827-3, p56.

Wang, H. D. (1992) Field test of kinetic models for oil generation: the Kimmeridge clay equivalent and the Heather Formation, North Sea. Mobil Dallas Research Laboratory Memorandum, Lm 920814, p40.

Wang, H. D. (1995) A method of biomarker enrichment for natural gas condensate. U. S. Geological Survey Open-file Report 95-207.

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Wang, H. D., Jong, J., W. BeMent, O. (2003) A Study Of Distribution and Possible Origins Of CO2 in Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia. EPNL Journal, Novermber 2003.


Wang, H. D., R. P. Philp, and M. Alam (1995) Source rock and oil correlation using biomarker characteristics in the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma, U. S. A. 16th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry, Stavanger, Norway.
Sánchez-Rodríguez, L., Liaw, K. K., Bray, A., and Wang, H. D. (2003) Integrated Approach to 3D Basin Modelling. GSM Conference 2003.
Wang, H. D. and Li, Desheng (2005) Hydrocarbon Habitat in Bohai Gulf Rift Basin, Eastern China. Return to Rifts, the Next Wave, London Geological Society Conference 2005.