Lori Hathon
Lori Hathon
Assistant Professor
Office Location: ERP 9, Room 216
Phone: 713-743-4877
Email: lahathon [at] uh [dot] edu

Hathon was senior research geologist for Shell International E & P, Inc. before she joined the UH Cullen College faculty. For more than two decades, her work has focused on routine and special core analysis, clastic petrology, reservoir quality analysis and predictive modeling, applications of image analysis to rock physics, organic petrography and thermal maturity analysis. Her experience has also included well-drilling operations and post-well appraisals.


Ph.D., University of Missouri


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Selected Publications: 

Shahin, A., Myers, M.T., and Hathon, L.A., 2020 Geophysics V. 85 (3), D75-D82, Global Optimization to retrieve borehole-derived petrophysical properties of carbonates.

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Houseknecht, D.W., and Hathon, L.A., 1987, Petrographic Constraints on Models of Intergranular Pressure Solution in Quartzose Sandstones: Applied Geochemistry, v.2, nos. 5-6, pp.507-521.

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